Duru Armagon, Owner, Sloane Boutique
Fashion will always be tied to my family and our travels. My parents are Turkish, but I grew up in the midwest. We were constantly traveling. Their curiosity led us to faraway cities and vibrant landscapes like Paris, Istanbul and Big Sur. My father has an incredible eye for aesthetics and instilled in me a sense of taste and an appreciation for detail. He’s also an entrepreneur with a fiercely independent spirit. I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps and be my own boss. My decision to open Sloane Boutique in Over-the-Rhine was bold and simple, a theme that connects every product on my shelves to the look of the store. My intention was to invigorate the local fashion scene because Cincinnati was playing it safe.

Sloane offers comfortable yet signature pieces that dare Cincinnati’s fashion-forward women to push the envelope.

I like to call my customers and clients ‘Sloane Rangers,’ a twist on a contemporary British expression for the fashionably dressed. The Cincinnati Sloane Ranger injects fun and personality into wearable fashion, much like OTR injects enthusiasm into a livable and historic city. They embody the causal, edgy lifestyle we outfit.

Leading the charge is my loyal Ranger Team, not just a group of employees, but my friends and inspiration. They live Sloane every day. We go on buying trips together, we go out together, we dream together. We invite you into our world to let your guard down and find something that works.

Sloane loves to carry up-and-coming designers from the US, Europe, and recently, Australia. It’s important to us to have close relationships with the designers we carry. As we explore the globe in search of the next big thing, sharing the stories and purpose behind each line remains essential to our philosophy.

Since our opening in 2011, we have continued to shake Cincinnati’s fashion scene loose. With the support of our amazing neighborhood and the rest of the city, we will continue to grow, beginning with our incredible designer list and online presence. Happy hunting.

- Duru Armagan, Owner, Sloane Boutique