Bellerose Datti Sweater - Miami

$ 154.00 $ 220.00

Coziness is personified in our Datti. Guaranteed to keep you cozy all year long, this iconic Bellerose sweater features a regular fit, ribbed edges, and a crew neck, plus the fluffiest angora & nylon blend you've ever experienced. It can be styled with skinny jeans, worn over a button-up shirt, or as an extra layer on a light dress. We love this paradise green version for its boldness. Fits rather slim, so size up if you want to wear it a little loose.

CONTENT & CARE: 65% angora, 35% polyamide/nylon, Handwash in cold water only

Please note: Because the angora we use was obtained by shearing the rabbits, the hairs are of a shorter length and because of that, our angora products do shed hair. This improves once the product has been washed (correctly) but will not stop after washing. This is not a defect. It's part of the nature of our angora yarns.