A Wardrobe Stylist’s Guide To Wardrobe Editing

As we are at home navigating through the shelter in place order, I thought that I could share helpful hints on how to get your wardrobe into shape. Taking care of your closet organization and preparing the wardrobe for Spring and Summer is a great way to pass the time. I always feel accomplished and excited when I finish prepping a client's closet for the season change. Here are a couple helpful tips to get you started!

The number one rule that I use as a stylist is ensuring that every piece of clothing fits my client perfectly. 

Closet Edit

If you have a rolling rack or something that can act in place of, begin by pulling everything to the rolling rack by sections. For example, start with your blouses and move through your closet from top to bottom layer. There are two different ways to look at this:

Bigger the Better

You have a sizeable wardrobe and love to have many options. In this case, take a look at trendy pieces that are no longer relevant and pull aside. Next consider how many pieces are clones. For example, how many white t-shirts do you have? At most, you should have a total of 3 white t-shirts. Each one should have a different shape and function. Use this thought process as you move through each section of your wardrobe.


You have a well edited wardrobe with mostly staple pieces and prefer to own quality over quantity. In this case, take a look at every piece closely and ensure that your staple pieces are in good condition. If you need to replace items, make a list of needs. You could consider adding a few trendy pieces to give your wardrobe a pop for the season. 

There are so many different personalities, style’s and shapes out there. Start with a simple wardrobe edit and move to organizing! Over the next few weeks I will cover:

  • Organizing the wardrobe

  • Smart Shopping

  • The top Spring/Summer trends to purchase

  • Donating vs. Re-selling



My favorite trends of the week

Chunky Chains and layering by Jenny Bird

I am available for FaceTime appointments to help guide you through the edit process! Contact me through text 513-470-2358 or email ivy@ivycosta.com

Stay healthy everyone!